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The album 'LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear', which was recently ranked number one on the Billboard 200, has been on the top of the domestic album chart for the second consecutive week.

The graph above shows the cumulative sales volume of the 2nd week of the album "YOU NEVER WALK ALONE (2016.10)", "LOVE YOURSELF 承 `Her`(2017.09)" and LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear (2018.05). Each day of release is different, but it was found that the sales volume of new album increased about 400,000 to 500,000 copies compared with the previous album.

The graph above shows the annual cumulative sales volume for the BTS' entire album. As you can see, album sales started to soar in 2016.

The above graph shows the world's Google search volume for the last five years (since debut) of the BTS. As we looked at in the trend of annual domestic album sales, the growth in search volume also has increased dramatically since 2016. It was recently found that the highest number of scans since the band's debut.

The graph above shows the total number of BTS' YouTube views that were measured during the day, when the album was released. Every time a new album is released, music videos It has been founded that the usage amount has 

increased by about 2 times.

The graph above shows the BTS' YouTube traffic by country in the last year and a half. Major areas of music video traffic were generated in the order of USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea. Unlike the traditional K-POP music video traffic except for Psy, the views were high in North and South American countries such as USA and Brazil.

The graph above shows the video views of the Global YouTube music of the BTS of 2016, which was surveyed in Gaon Chart column last year. Unlike now, South Korea, United States, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico had many views in that order.

The graph above also shows the growth rate of YouTube views by country surveyed in last year in order of countries with the largest increase in YoY as of 2016. Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Taiwan, United States, Indonesia and the South Korea. Brazil, which had the highest  growth rate of 668 percent at that time, is now the second largest country after the United States to watch BTS' music videos. .

The graph above shows the highest growth rate of music video views in the last 6 months (compared to the previous 6 months). Indonesia has the highest rate of growth, with Japan, United States, Vietnam, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, Philippines, and Thailand.

As we have seen, the high rate of growth in Japan and the United States is very positive in terms of the music Business. Because the United States and Japan are a big part of the world music market as you can see.

On May 20, BTS  has reached  the highest amount of '100' on Google search volume since their debut.  On the basis of the increase of album sales volume, the trend of global YouTube visit by album release time, and the trend of YouTube traffic growth by country, the current Google search volume '100' may be '50' in the future. In other words, it is judged that the BTS  is not currently at the peak, but is still running towards the peak.

Kim, Jin Woo 

Head  researcher of GAON CHART


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