BTS Review (English extended version)

The BTS is ranked first in the digital chart for two consecutive weeks and for three consecutive weeks Physical chart # 1.

MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA album shows  1 million increase in sales first week compared to LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer' album released in August last year. Considering PERSONA's current sales volume and sales volume of previous albums, PERSONA's cumulative sales volume is expected to exceed 4 million in six months.

The graph above shows the cumulative annual sales volume for the BTS' entire album. Album sales have grown by about 90% each year since 2016.

Until 2016, BTS' songs were ranked in the top 50 for less than 20 weeks. However, after DNA released in 2017, it has been ranked in the top 50 for over 30 weeks. This kind of 'Long run' is very rare in the domestic idol recording market.

The graph above shows BTS' global search volume trends over the past five years. The search volume at the time of MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA was 87% compared to FAKE LOVE in last May and it was slightly higher than IDOL (84%) in August last year.

The graph above shows the total number of YouTube music video views that were measured during the day of the BTS album release.

The number of views increased by about 8 times compared with two years ago. This tells you how many new fans of the BTS have increased recently. For the last seven months, BANGTANTV's YouTube subscribers have increased by an average of about 800,000 per month.

The graph above shows the YouTube traffic for each country over the last year of the BTS. The major music video traffic areas were in the United States, Vietnam and Indonesia. Compared with a year ago, US market share remained almost unchanged, while Vietnam and Indonesia rose by 1%  point and 1.9%  point respectively. The increase in Indonesia's share was remarkable.

The above graph compares the total amount of streaming for 9 days (1 ~ 2 weeks) after the release of 'FAKE LOVE', 'IDOL' and 'Boy With Luv'.

'Boy With Luv' streaming volume increased by 24% compared to 'Fake Love' and 'IDOL' by 41%. On the other hand, downloading volume was similar to previous works. The dramatic increase in streaming volume compared to downloads shows that the BTS's new song, which has been ranked on major charts in the US, UK and Japan, may has influenced streaming consumption by the public as well as fandom.

In conclusion:
In a BTS review in June last year, I said, "BTS are not currently at the top but they are still running towards the peak." Now, a year later, I think I will have to make the same judgment again.

Writer : Kim, Jinwoo GAON Chart Head Researcher 
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